Experimental implementation of a velocity feedback loop with an hexagonal piezoelectric patch actuator

The results on the stability and control performance of a velocity feedback loop located on a rectangular aluminium panel are presented. The control system is made of a composite piezoelectric patch actuator with an accelerometer sensor at its centre. The actuator is fabricated with six triangular anisotropic piezoelectric patches assembled into an hexagonal patch. The proposed composite hexagonal piezoelectric patch produces bending moments along the edges and a net transverse force at its centre, which is balanced by point forces at the six vertices of the hexagon. The point force at the centre is therefore collocated with the accelerometer sensor and this has two important control effects: first it improves the stability properties of the feedback loop and second it enhances the active damping effect produced when the feedback loop is closed. Both the open and closed loop FRFs are analysed in this study.
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Ingegneria Meccanica e Meccatronica