High Precision Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

Nowadays, competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises is maintained through continuous innovation of products and optimization of the manufacturing processes. This is of fundamental importance in order to minimize the production costs and maximize the productivity byconcurrently assuring the required product quality. In high-precision manufacturing, there are several interacting factors which influence the overall process performance, such as CAD/CAM/CNC programming, static and dynamic behavior of the cutting process, chip formation mechanics, tribological issues affecting the tool. Typically, planning and optimization of production process is based on the judgment and experience of manufacturing technicians and engineers. However, this approach requires many efforts and work hours. On the contrary, these efforts could be drastically reduced by using automated intelligent systems, which even allow a more systematic process design. This research work focuses on the development of innovative techniques in order to realize an intelligent manufacturing system capable to automatically design, monitor, control and optimize the whole production process of a manufacturing product. The main working areas are focused on the development of methodologies for: automatic generation, testing, optimization and preliminary verification through realistic simulation – both geometrical and physical – of NC part programs; automatic compensation of geometrical and dimensional inaccuracies; advanced monitoring and control of manufacturing processes.
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Ingegneria della Produzione e Gestionale