Laboratories and research infrastructures

The Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica Gestionale e Meccanica provides confortable open space office for all IIE-PhD fellows. 

Also it provides high standard technical support through a number of high quality research laboratories, which occupy a total area of about 2500 sqm. In particular the Department hosts the following laboratories, which are located in 5 rooms within the “Rizzi Building” and in the “Sondrio Laboratories”, modulo n 11:

  • Laboratory of electrics, electronics and magnetic compatibility
  • Laboratory of guided propagation and antennae
  • Laboratory of telecommunications
  • Laboratory of pervasive computing
  • Laboratory of computational electromagnetism
  • Laboratory of management engineering
  • Laboratory of pc networks and security
  • Laboratory of information technology
  • Laboratory of heavy duty robotics
  • Laboratory of mechatronics and electrical devices
  • Laboratory of mechanical design
  • Laboratory of experimental mechanics
  • Laboratory of electronics
  • Laboratory of active noise and vibration control
  • Laboratory of advanced production systems and new technologies
  • Laboratory of mechanical manufacturing
  • Laboratory of artificial vision and real-time systems


All laboratories are fitted with dedicated acquisition and processing instrumentation as well as specialised electro-mechanical rigs and setups suited to PhD research projects. Both hardware and software resources are constantly updated thanks to the support provided by the large number of research projects and industrial collaborations the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica Gestionale e Meccanica is involved in.

The IIE-PhD also benefits from the support of four technicians belonging to the Department:

  1. Elvio Castellarin – electrical and electronic workshops;
  2. Franco Duca – mechanical workshop;
  3. Gilberto Forte – mechanical workshop;
  4. Fabiano Zaninotto – Information Technology workshop.


Finally IIE-PhD fellows have access to the Science Library, which holds a relevant number of publications specialised in the research sectors of interest to the PhD programme.