Modeling and Controlling of Flexible Robots

In the first six months of my PhD, I started a Bibliography review about flexible multi-body systems and some used approaches such as floating frame of reference, convected coordinate system, finite segment method ,etc. Then I studied about ERLS (Equivalent Rigid Link System) approach and learning and working with ERLS simulator. I compared the pros and cons of ERLS method with other used approaches. In the second six months of my first year, I developed a model (first non-linear, then linearized) for flexible spatial L-shape mechanisms based on ERLS method, which considers the gravity force for control applications. After that, I developed the simulator for this mechanism and I applied PID controller and optimal controller to this mechanism in order to reduce the mechanical vibration and reach the optimum point for generalized coordinate. In the second year of my PhD, I applied MPC controller on a spatial L-shape mechanism in order to position control and mechanical vibration reduction.
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Ingegneria Meccanica e Meccatronica