Industrial and Information Engineering PhD Programme

PhD Board (XXXVI cycle)

The research and training activities of the IIE-PhD are managed by the Doctoral Board, which is led by the Coordinator of the Doctorate: Prof. David Esseni.

Indicatively the Doctoral Board meets every three-four months to discuss and plan the research and training activities of the doctorate and to assess and ensure the quality of the research work carried out by the PhD fellows.

The current members of the IIE-PhD Board are listed below.

Antonio Affanni
Franco Blanchini
Roberto Carniel
Marina Cobal
Alberto Felice De Toni
Luca Di Gaspero
Francesco Driussi
Stefano Filippi
Andrea Fusiello
Paolo Gardonio
Alessandro Gasparetto
Ghibaudo Gerard, INP-Grenoble
Christian Micheloni
Barbara Motyl
Guido Nassimbeni
Marco Pala, CNRS, Université Paris-Sud
Pierpaolo Palestri
Pietro Romano
Stefano Saggini
Marco Sartor
Andrea Schaerf
Lauro Snidaro
Ruben Specogna
Andrea Tonello
Francesco Trevisan